Rhiannon + Rhys


Rhiannon & Rhys were a bit reluctant at first to have a wedding film but Rhys’ mother contacted us about having their day filmed out of necessity.  She explained that only weeks prior there was a riding accident which left Rhiannon with a broken leg and her mother in a coma and they weren’t sure if she would recover in time for the wedding day.  They wanted the day filmed in case Rhiannon’s mother wasn’t present at the wedding but luckily she recovered and was able to witness her daughter tying the knot.  Needless to say the day was very emotional.  


“Cant recommend Motion Farm highly enough – they captured all of our wedding day so fantastically. The guys were great to work with and really focused on everything we discussed.”

Kitley House, Plymouth

18 September 2015

Younger Photography

Claire + Ellis
Lucy + Kris