Frequently Asked Questions

How long after our wedding will we receive the films?

We usually finalise and deliver the finished DVDs or Blu-rays approximately 8-12 weeks after your wedding date depending on how busy we are.

What if our wedding venue has filming restrictions?

It is up to the couples to find out from their wedding venue whether filming is allowed. In this day & age, most churches now allow filming but some still may charge you an extra fee to have your wedding filmed. We suggest you ask them directly and let us know if there are any issues we need to work around.  Couples are responsible for covering any filming fees which may be in place.

Can you also take still photos on the day?

We only shoot video of your big day so we recommend you hire a good photographer as well to get those glamorous prints for the family album.  We will work closely around your photographer on the day, making sure not to spoil any important shots.  We always get on well with the photographer and we’re happy to let them take the lead.

Do we need to provide food for you ?

Short answer; no, but it is greatly appreciated if a meal can be provided as it will help our day run smoother and ultimately your film will be better!  Wedding days can be very long so if your venue/caterers are able to spare some hot food to keep us going, we’d very much appreciate it!  If this is not possible, please inform us in advance so we can organise another option for ourselves.  Filming 11 hour days on a packed-lunch can be tough!

How much is the deposit and when should we pay it?

It’s £200 to secure your date, along with completion of the booking form we send you.  After that, half of the remaining balance is required one month before the wedding date with the final balance on completion of the film.  We will only post the final films after we receive the final balance.  We know paying for a wedding is an expensive business which is why we like to offer couples the chance to split the payments over a few months.

Won't your video cameras get in the way or annoy our guests?

Nope. We take great pride in covertly filming your wedding in an unobtrusive style. We won’t shove a camera in your guests faces while they’re eating or film over the shoulder of the vicar during the ceremony. We document your wedding naturally, sometimes from a tripod and sometimes from a handheld position, depending on the surroundings. All our camera kit is professional gear.  We want everything to flow as naturally as possible.

Can we order more copies of the DVD or Blu-ray?

Of course. In each package you’ll get at least 2 copies and extra copies are from £15 each.  Just let us know how many extra you’ll need after the wedding and we’ll provide you with as many extras as you need for friends and family. They make great Christmas stocking fillers!

Will the DVD/Blu-rays be customised with chapter menus and music?

Yes! Each DVD/Blu-ray is uniquely designed for each couple, with chapter menus so you can jump straight to any part of your day without having to sit through the whole film.  We’ll also add any music you like.

What music do you use?

For the main feature film we generally use about 6-8 tracks so if you have any favourites let us know and we’ll try to use them as long as they fit the mood/style of your wedding.  Alternatively, let us pick your tracks as we have great musical taste, honest!  The shorter highlights films tend to used 1 or 2 tracks which we will choose for you, but we’re open to suggestions!

How do you record the sound from our wedding?

We will use wireless tie-clip microphones to record crystal clear sound from your ceremony.  We usually fit one to the Groom for best results.  We also record general atmosphere sound from the church and reception via shotgun mics from our cameras.  All sound recorded will be professionally mixed down onto your film to provide an immersive soundtrack of your day.

What makes you different from other videographers? There's so many to choose from!

Because our wedding videos are fun!  We document every aspect of your day and focus on the small details others probably miss.  We shoot on both professional HD camcorders and DSLRS for a mixture of ‘film-like’ shallow-depth-of-field looks & crystal clear coverage.  We’re polite, professional and we’re never happy until we’ve produced the best possible results for you.

Do you have insurance?

We carry full public liability insurance for up to £5 million and professional indemnity insurance for up to £1 million.

Who will be filming my wedding?

It will be either myself (James), or Tom filming your day, or if you choose to have 2 videographers present you’ll get both of us.  What a team!

Do you offer a free consultation meeting before the wedding day?

We would be happy to meet with you before the day to get to know you a little and chat about how you’d like us to approach the filming.  Please note that we can only offer this service to couples within 25 miles of PL22.  If it’s not geographically possible for us to meet in person we can arrange a phone or Skype conversation instead.

How does the booking process work?

We’ll send you a booking form which you simply fill out and send back to us with your deposit and you’ll be ready to go.

Do you offer aerial shots with a drone?

Yes.  We now offer the option to have one of our videographers film parts of your wedding day from the sky.  We work with Aerialize Imaging to provide CAA approved pilots, fully insured for up to £5M.

Which parts of the country do you cover?

We mainly cover Cornwall, Devon and Somerset but happy to travel it bit further if requested.  We may need to charge for accommodation for weddings outside of Somerset though.

What safety checks do you do with the drones?

When booking our aerial drone option we will need to conduct a pre-deployment safety check on the venues and seek all necessary permissions by landowners.  We can only fly in good conditions so if it’s raining we won’t be taking to the air and you will be credited back any fees paid for this service.

How much footage can you get with the drone?

This will most likely depend on the weather, the timings of your day and what package you have agreed.  On a clear, bright day we can do up to x3 15 minute flights on your wedding day; usually a flyover of the ceremony venue, reception venue and an evening shot.  We will use the best bits footage from the drone to mix in with the ground footage we acquire for a seamless overview of your day.

Can you deliver films in 4K?

Yes. Although we mostly now film in 4K, as standard all films are delivered in HD format on either USB or Blu-ray.  If you’d like your film delivered in 4K we charge an additional fee of £250.

Any other questions?