Our story

A little bit of me

I live in Cornwall with my fiancé Cara, son Sebastian and our collie Mabel. Sebastian has just turned 2 and is already expressing an interest in daddy’s work. He’ll quite often sit on my knee in the office watching me edit your videos. Fingers crossed he’ll hold onto this enthusiasm and I’ll have a readymade assistant in a few years time!

Armed with a First-class honors degree in Media Technology, I’m passionate about film and music (it kind of helps, in this line of work!) Weddings and music go hand-in-hand, so one of my favourite stages of the editing process is selecting the tracks that will compliment and naturally enhance the flow of your film. Being a self-confessed perfectionist it’s the colour grading stage that I love the most, as it is at this point I can give each film an individual look & style.

The story so far

Hi, I’m James and after 8 years of producing corporate films in Cornwall & Devon, it was a natural progression for me to move into making wedding films. Fast forward 4 years and with help from my friend and assistant videographer Tom, I’m creating beautiful documentaries of magical occasions for you to keep, forever. 

I fell in love with the whole process from getting to know the couple, understanding their ideas and visions to capturing their journey and the essence of who they truly are as a couple. I like to imagine I’m helping to create the first chapter in their new life story.

Born and bred in Cornwall I feel an affinity with the coast and countryside which I try to include aspects of if possible, in each and every wedding film. I believe it’s my love of nature and attention to the finer details that set my wedding films apart from the crowd.